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Boston grand pianos are impressive and beautiful musical instruments due to their unique and proprietary design. Designed by Steinway & Sons, these pianos reflect the tone, touch, and durability that are consistent with their heritage. Their tone is greatly enhanced due to the soundboard design, which incorporates a series of innovative and important features. The soundboard itself is crafted from solid spruce, which is what you would find in every high-quality piano … including the mighty Steinway concert grand. The soundboard is actually larger than those found in other brands of the same length due to the “wide-tail design” that results in a musical performance equal to that of a larger grand piano. The soundboard is also thinner than most, and strategically tapered so as to allow it to vibrate as efficiently as possible. The “low-tension scale design” results in less pressure on the soundboard, and therefore greater freedom and ability to vibrate, thus producing a longer sustain. The bridge is placed closer to the center of the soundboard to result in a more even disbursement of energy, again resulting in the more efficient production of tone. Together, all these things result in a rich, colorful, sustaining, clear, and powerful tone.

The touch found on Boston grand pianos is extremely responsive, due to the Steinway-designed geometry found in the all-wood action fitted in each model. This sensitive and responsive touch along with the incredibly efficient soundboard allow for a dynamic range not found in far more expensive pianos.

Boston grand pianos feature a bracing system that ensures their durability and longevity by handling the tremendous tension in the most efficient way possible. This structural integrity can give Boston piano owners complete confidence that they will enjoy their piano for a lifetime.

Boston Piano Features Video

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