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Boston - Upright Pianos

Boston upright pianos are marvelous musical instruments that are the inspiration and the unique, proprietary design of Steinway & Sons. Each model features an all-wood action, with Steinway‑designed geometry that results in incredible sensitivity and responsiveness. Each model also features a solid-spruce soundboard, which is the most resonant material available for this purpose. The soundboard itself has been strategically designed so as to work as efficiently as possible, thus producing a rich and pleasing tone… with far longer sustain than many other upright pianos. The construction of these pianos (the size and strategic placement of the backposts being a perfect example) is such that if properly cared for, they will provide musical pleasure and enrichment for a lifetime. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, these pianos are a perfect addition to any musical or educational facility or home.

Boston Piano Features Video

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